7 Most Popular Spa Booking Softwares (Updated & Reviews 2019)

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Have you ever felt that managing a spa is so hard when you have a lot of things to do?

Are booking appointment, schedule calendar management, employee management, and many other things so stressful for you?

Do you need a solution to help you get out of this mess?

If the answer is Yes, then, you are staying in the RIGHT place now!

Keep following us to find out the secret that helps thousands of business increase more than 200% profit in the first year!

I.  What Is Spa Booking Software

For every spa manager and director, having spa software is very necessary because it helps you to grow your business faster and manage your spa easier!

A spa booking software is a software that is designed specially to spa owners and managers. This meets every need of managing a spa, such as employee management, customer management. Especially, spa booking software focuses more on online bookings and schedule appointments due to its name.

With a spa booking software, you can manage your spa from home or everywhere, even without connecting to the Internet.

Using a spa booking software helps you to reduce the cost of operation and management, save more money, run your business faster, and find a new way to enter the market!

II.  5 Must-have Features Of A Spa Booking Software

There are hundreds of features that can show up in an usual spa booking software.

However, which one is the most necessary one and which features are useless seem to be hard questions!

Here are 5 must-have features of a spa booking software that are fit for every spa business around the world!

Check it out right now!

1. Schedule Appointments

Provide first-time and repeat customers with an easy-to-use way to book appointments. Spa booking software - online schedule maker - enables customers to select their preferred staff members. Through booking spa online ability, clients can see a provider’s availability and choose a time that fits their schedule without playing phone tag.

Moreover, business owners can use the online schedule maker to block off time for cleaning, administrative tasks, or times they need the facility for other engagements.

2. Staff Management

Coordinating schedules of customers and employees requires a high level of an organization unless you have software in place to manage booking times.

This software ensures customers see their requested employee and spa owners can see all client notifications such as:

  • Appointment bookings

  • Online bookings

  • Appointment cancellations

  • POS with mobile apps & payments

Spa booking software enables staff messaging and shift trading. This software provides staff with a snapshot of their calendars and profiles of the customers they’re working with. Therefore, managers can manage employees better through spa booking software.

3. Customer Management

Are you asking how to get customers for your spa business?

Are you in trouble with customers’ appointment cancellations?

Don’t worry!

Using a spa software can help you to solve all of these problems by providing customer management relationship capabilities. This will enable spa owners to do rise above your competitors and in-depth marketing.

This product also is a client management software which helps you how to deal with difficult customers, maintain client relationships with advanced salon software management features with detailed client appointments history, booking preferences, future bookings, recurring appointments, recurring payment, and contact details.

4. Integrate Payment Processing

This feature makes it easy to process credit card payments, apply for gift cards, and bundle multiple services into set packages.Spa booking software will accept multiple forms of payment can settle for multiple kinds of payment to satisfy the expectations of customers.

When using appointment software, you can edit your payment settings to take full payment, deposits or newly registered client deposits.

5. Sales & Products Management

With this feature, you can manage all sales transactions, taxes, invoices, receipts, and even your spa’s retail product.

III.  4 Tips For Buyers To Buy Spa Booking Software

1. Consider What Features You Expect From A Spa Booking Software

Start by making a list of everything you want the software to do in your salon, e.g. appointment book, customer cards, customer history, staff timetables, automatic everyday reminder messages, stock management, reports and arrange the list in order of priority. Now you have a checklist you can use to make sure the software meets your needs.

If you need a calendaring software let see whether it has 5 above features spa booking software to know how to deal with difficult customers.

2. Your Spa Booking Software Must Be Easy-to-use!

Salons and spas can be very busy places, so any system has to meet your needs and be easy to use. It’s no use ticking all the boxes if it takes too long to do your number one priority. Make sure the tasks you do the most, like making and moving appointments, completing sales, are easy for you and your team to learn and do.

3. The Most Expensive Spa Booking Software Is Not Always The Best One!

Salon and spa software prices vary. Know your budget and how much you can afford to buy an appointment booking app. Renting software rather than purchasing it outright can be kinder on your cash flow. Keep in mind that high-quality salon software will add to your profitability by, for example, reducing no-shows, improving your rebooking rate and increasing retail sales.

However, some people keep in mind that choosing the most expensive spa booking software will be the best choice for them.


Choosing a suitable spa booking software depends on not only the price but also the features and your business size. Sometimes, the most expensive software doesn’t include the features that are needed for your spa.

On the other hands, the spa booking software with many features is not necessary for a small spa!

4. Check The Reviews From Users Before Purchasing For Any Spa Software!

To know if your spa booking software is good or not, you can refer to the reviews from the users before purchasing for it.

Most of people forget this thing ,but, it is really necessary because the reviews can provide you pros and cons when using it that you might never know when searching on the product's home page.

IV. 7 Best Spa Booking Software To Run Your Business Faster

1. bePOS - The All-In-One Spa Booking Software Trusted By Thousands Of Spas

This product brings a better solution and caters to the needs of small and midsize businesses as well as individual professionals.

You can use this most powerful POS system Australia FREE until you get the best results.

Besides, you can try as many functions of bePOS as you want with only an iPhone and still not need any printers.

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Features of bePOS

  • Automated online booking

  • Schedule management

  • Employee management

  • Business management

  • Automatically send reminders

  • 24/7 Support

  • Inventory Management

  • Point of sale (POS)

  • Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Report

  • Cash Management​

  • Staff Management

  • Treatment Management

Price: 3 packages:

  • Free package: US$ 0/ month

  • Growth package: US$ 29/ month

  • Professional package: US$ 59/ month

Review about bePOS

2. Acuity Scheduling - Cloud Based Appointment Software

Business owners can easily manage their appointments online thank for Acuity Scheduling -  a cloud-based appointment scheduling software solution.

Acuity Scheduling is used for schedule consulting meetings, strategy sessions, meetings with customers.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Features of Acuity

  • Appointment Management

  • Client Management

  • Membership Management

  • Book Spa Online Ability

  • Control your availability 24/7

  • Manage customer channels as soon as they book

Price: 4 packages:

  • Freebie: US$ 0/ month

  • Emerging: US$ 15/ month

  • Growing: US$ 25/ month

  • Perhouse: US$ 50/ month

Review about Acuity

Website: acacuity.com

3. GoFrugal Technologies - Point Of Sale Appointment Booking Site

Advantage of GoFrugal Technologies is providing Point of Sale Software for Retail. GoFrugal focuses on bringing great digital solutions to customers.

GoFrugal has several branches in Chennai, India and 25,000+ retail businesses across 50+ countries.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Features of GoFrugal

  • Appointment Management

  • Client Management

  • Employee Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Book Spa Online Ability

  • Point of Sale (POS)

Price: US$ 375 for Starter to US$ 1,500 for Professional

Review about GoFrugal

Website: gofrugal.com

4. 10to8 - Online Customized Scheduling Software

With the new customized online booking page from 10to8, clients can book their free slots and services that spa offer with ease.

10to8 has recently updated added benefit of free automated SMS and email reminders which can effortlessly reduce appointment no-shows tool.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Features of 10to8

  • Appointment Management

  • Book Spa Online Ability

  • Time-saving with quick scheduling scale

  • Easy payment by PayPal

  • Appointment confirmation with your Google Calendar

  • Client profile in safety

  • Integration with any Wordpress website with free plugin

  • Online booking through Facebook business page

Price: 5 packages:

  • Small business: Free forever

  • Basic package: US$ $8.8/ month

  • Grow package: US$ 17.6/ month

  • Bigger Business: US$ 35.2/ month

  • Enterprise: demands

Review about 10to8

Website: 10to8.com

5. MassageBook - Powerful Web Based Booking Site

MassageBook is a web-based desktop, mobile & tablet practice management software that helps professional massage therapists & bodyworkers achieve business successfully by simplifying scheduling, marketing with online functions.

MassageBook is highly recommended  for the consumer of massage and bodywork services.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Features of MassageBook

  • Appointment Management

  • Client Management

  • Employee Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Book Spa Online Ability

  • Point of Sale

Price: 5 packages:

  • Freemium: Free

  • Basic: US$ 9.99/month

  • Clinical: US$ 19.99/month

  • Marketing: US$ 24.99/month

  • Master: US$ 29.99/month

Review about MassageBook

Website: massagebook.com

6. Shortcuts Software - Innovative Booking Software

Shortcuts is a leading salon across the world. Moreover, this software solution can be used in 9 languages.

Users of Shortcuts range from multi-site chains & franchises to single-site businesses because it is designed specifically for the salon industry and continually updated by the largest R&D team in the industry.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Features of Shortcuts:

  • Appointment Management

  • Client Management

  • Employee Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Loyalty Program

Price: 4 packages:

  • Start: US$ 29/month

  • Essentials:  US$ 85/month

  • Evolve business: US$ 159/month

  • Elevate experience: US$ 209/month

Review about Shortcuts

Website: Shortcuts.com

7. Chidesk - Favorite Online Booking System For Salon

Chidesk is popular for good scheduling solutions among online booking systems which also suggest salon staff management, point of sale and marketing.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Features of Chidesk:

  • Manage your booking sites

  • Stock-tracking and inventory management

  • Control your salon staff

  • Strengthen your client management

  • Get insight into salon performance

  • Manage your scheduled classes

Price: 5 packages:

  • Solo: US$ 40/ month

  • Standard: US$ 60/ month

  • Advanced: US$ 80/ month

  • Premium: US$ 100/ month

  • Enterprise: US$ 120/ month

Review about Chidesk:

Website: chidesk.com

Nobody can deny the importance of choosing the right spa booking software for a steadily growing - business.

If you have not decided which one of these squares will fit your spa the most. Try bePOS for FREE to boost up 300% your revenue in one click!

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