The 9 Best Salon Booking Software That Makes Your Salon Management Easier (Updated 2019)

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Every salon owners know that booking appointments and customer management can be considered THE MOST DIFFICULT task in their career life.

So it is like a wonderful experience for business owners or managers like you to be able to let customers register their appointments IMMEDIATELY and even without the possibility of double-booking. Thankfully, this job can be done by lots and lots of salon booking software.

The options available offer a broad range of products and prices, so now we've gathered this incredible list of 9 booking platforms just to enable you to find THE MOST EFFECTIVE one for your salon business.

6 Key Features Of A Good Salon Booking Software

As a knowledgeable business owner, we don't have to tell you how powerful it is to have an online booking software for your salon.

Nevertheless, we still have a few things which you should bear in mind to make absolutely sure the salon software works as efficient for you as you do for your business. If the below features are not offered by your salon booking software, you will throw money out the window.

Here are 6 fundamental features that we consider to be available for all salon management software.

a. The Cloud-based Scheduling System

The best salon and spa software must make schedule management more convenient for your employees. With a cloud-based system, they just have to open any devices, log into the app or web browser, and view their schedules for the day from anytime, anywhere on a holistic interface whether on phones or PC.

Also, you should be able to change the appointment to a new time slot without deleting and re-entering the information if a customer does not come at the last minute or staff is absent.

b. The Online Booking System

What kind of booking software without the online booking system? Your software should offer specialized plugins for multiple channels which allow customers to make reservations on websites, phone apps, and even directly on social network like Facebook.

Furthermore, the software has to inform the bookings instantly so that each appointment can be confirmed or rebooked manually by the stakeholders. You will never have to worry about overbooking, and you can arrange last-minute changes to replace into the slots that are available.

c. Inventory Management

The good inventory process is required in any salon booking software. Inventory management provide salon owners with up-to-date information about their business resulting in a timely decision for any problem. It also monitors the cost of your stock and customer purchases while making it easy to order and track.

d. Integrated SMS & Email Reminders

Text or email reminders are by far the most popular customer reminder method. You can decide on the reminder method based on what each customer wants. This is the easiest-to-confirm for your clients appointments, now you never have a headache about remembering to send reminders to a customer, which saves you time & makes you money.

e. Security & Backups

The best software should provide user accounts for each individual employee, facilitating you to set your access rights towards the database system.

It also helps you discover potential fraud of problem prevention. Additionally, always looking for an auto online backup software that preserves your transaction history, customer profiles, and other important information in the event of a natural disaster or other interruption of business.

f. Customer Relations Management

Last but not least, despite how wonderful a software is, it just works when you have customers. Make sure the chosen software offers loyalty and rewards programs.

By rewarding customers with points, special discounts, birthday promotions or free items based on their loyalty, customers definitely will return next time. The CRM system also make notes on each client's preferences. Even if at the last minute your customer has to use another hairdressers, they will still receive the same impeccable service.

The 9 Best Salon Booking Software That Makes Your Salon Management Easier

1. bePOS - The Most Powerful Point Of Sale System In 2019

bePOS is an online booking system which provides the best scheduling solutions via your website of Facebook page 24/7 and notifies you in advance about them.

This salon scheduling software has combined 4.0 technologies with cloud-based scheduling system such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Face Detection and more, making it outstanding compared with other similar spares.

bePOS is considered the world's first mobile Point of Sale 4.0 favored by thousands of health clinics, hair salons and beauty salons all over the world.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: 3 packages:

  • Free package: $0/ month

  • Growth package: $29/ month

  • Professional package: $59/ month

Main features Of bePOS:

  • Allow booking at multi-location

  • Support your salon staff

  • Effective customer relationship management

  • Provide easier payment

  • Customize your revenue by multiple customer channels

  • Personalize your salon appointment book

  • Allow inventory management

  • Manage your salon calendar

Reviews About bePOS:


Link download: from itunes

2. Acuity Scheduling - The Fantastic Online Appointment Management

Acuity Scheduling is built to be a web-based web-based appointment scheduling software that allows salon owners to manage their appointment online. This salon scheduling software is regarded as a business management software solution, especially for small and midsize companies.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: 4 packages:

  • Freebie: US$ 0/ month

  • Emerging: US$ 15/ month

  • Growing: US$ 25/ month

  • Perhouse: US$ 50/ month

Main features Of Acuity Scheduling:

  • Organize your schedule

  • Simplify your booking sites

  • Control your availability 24/7

  • Manage customer channels as soon as they book

  • Allow booking confirmation at multi-location

  • Time-saving with 2 minute-training for all salon staff

Reviews About Acuity Scheduling:

3. Shedul - The Suitable Scheduling Solution For Small To Middle size Business

Shedul is a cloud-based appointment scheduling system which works as a business management software solution developed by Surge Ventures Inc. It offers appointment confirmation, salon calendar with point of sale (POS) functions.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: Free for most features, around US$ 8 to US$ 129 for other providers.

Main features Of Shedul:

  • Manage appointment confirmation

  • Help you with client management

  • Reduce no-shows

  • Activity dashboard

  • Online booking system

  • Improve Sales & Products

Reviews About Shedul:

4. Mind Body - The Fitness Booking Site

It is well-known as a fitness booking site favored by beauty. Mind Body is a cloud-based scheduling system allowing you to manage appointment booking and scheduling process. Mind Body also offers salon staff management features such as check-in and check-out management.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: 3 packages:

  • Essential: US$ 129/ month

  • Accelerate: US$ 239/ month

  • Ultimate: US$ 349/ month

Main features Of MindBody:

  • Cloud-based club management

  • Fitness online booking system

  • A to-do list app

  • Client management

  • An effective appointment booking and scheduling platform

  • Tight cooperation with fitness, hair salon and beauty spa

Reviews About MindBody:

5. Booker - The Web-Based Appointment Scheduling Software

Booker developed by MindBody is an online booking system frequently used by hair salons, beauty salons and spas. Booker provides easy payment, booking confirmation and customer relationship management.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: 3 packages:

  • Essential: US$ 129/ month

  • Accelerate: US$ 239/ month

  • Ultimate: US$ 349/ month

Main features Of Booker:

  • Customer management

  • Appointment confirmation

  • Online scheduling solutions

  • Sell by point of sale, eCommerce and online gift cards

  • Data management with easy tracking and reporting tools

  • Revenue optimization

Reviews About Booker:

6. 10to8 - The Most Time-saving Salon Software

10to8 is an Appointment booking and scheduling software for small to large organizations. 10to8 will charge your business with full capacity by totally free appointment scheduling solutions.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: 5 packages:

  • Small business: Free forever

  • Basic package: US$ 8.8/ month

  • Grow package: US$ 17.6/ month

  • Bigger Business: US$ 35.2/ month

  • Enterprise: demands

Main features Of 10to8:

  • Time-saving with quick scheduling scale

  • Easy payment by PayPal

  • Appointment confirmation with your Google Calendar

  • Client profile in safety

  • Integration with any Wordpress website with free plugin

  • Online booking through Facebook business page

Reviews About 10to8:

7. Chidesk - The Wonder Online Booking System For Salon

Chidesk is popular for good scheduling solutions among online booking systems which also suggest salon staff management, point of sale and marketing.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: 5 packages:

  • Solo: US$ 40/ month

  • Standard: US$ 60/ month

  • Advanced: US$ 80/ month

  • Premium: US$ 100/ month

  • Enterprise: US$ 120/ month

Main features Of Chidesk:

  • Manage your booking sites

  • Stock-tracking and inventory management

  • Control your salon staff

  • Strengthen your client management

  • Get insight into salon performance

  • Manage your scheduled classes

Reviews About Chidesk:

8. Bitrix24 - The Free Salon Management Software

Bitrix24 is a 4 million-users free salon management software. Bitrix24 provides cloud, mobile & open source.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: 4 packages:

  • Free: US$ 0 for everyone

  • CRM+: US$ 69/ month

  • Standard: US$ 99/ month

  • Professional: US$ 199/ month

Main features Of Bitrix24:

  • Manage salon calendar

  • CRM

  • Tasks and Projects management

  • Booking sites builder

  • inventory management

Reviews About Bitrix24:

9. Phorest - The Combination Between Appointment Booking And Scheduling Software

Phorest is a cloud-based scheduling system which offers appointment confirmation and inventory management. This software is a promising business management software solution for your salon.

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Price: 3 packages

  • Basic

  • Executive

  • Complete Advantage.

Main features Of Phorest:

  • Point of sale software

  • Inventory management

  • Cloud-based scheduling system

  • Reporting

  • Client management

Reviews About Phorest:

Salon Booking Software is a comprehensive tool make booking appointments easier than ever on your website directly and save a lot of time with your management tasks on your schedule.

We hope the above suggestions will be helpful for you in finding the best one for your salon business.

To know more on how you can manage salon effectively, contact bePOS and have a trial demo NOW!

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