The Ultimate Guide On How To Find A Hair Vendor For Hair Salon Business

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So you made the wise choice to step into the hair extension business.

There is no doubt that the virgin hair market is thriving right now. So this is an excellent moment to establish your success in this profitable industry. Since it is an increasing marketplace, in the future, market saturation is going to be a problem. To compete and win, a great supplier of virgin hair is a must!

Don't ever worry. You can discover the best wholesale vendor for virgin hair with valuable knowledge from this article.

Scroll down and discover now!

Why Do You Need A Good Hair Vendor?

Now, after settling on the idea of your business, you may wonder how to start and run your business smoothly.

There are all kinds of exciting things to consider, such as your brand and theme, product images, and blog. However, the most significant thing which you have to do for your company is finding high-quality virgin hair. The choice of a trusted hair vendor, as well as the development of long-term cooperation with it, can make the differentiation between an unsuccessful company and a successful one.

Which one would you like to be?

Choose high-quality hair from a reputable vendor, and you will be able to accomplish all your objectives and create significant profit. Not only that, you can save tons of trouble with the proper vendor and avoid unhappy customers & bad reviews.

Many business newbies fall into these traps. Of course, you don't want to make the same mistakes. There are many vendors out there, and you have to make careful choices.

The following will provide you six crucial steps to successfully find a hair vendor.

6 Steps To Successfully Find A Suitable Hair Vendor

1. Do Your Research & Make A Shortlist

Many people are probably buying hair on AliExpress because they provide small minimum orders. Unfortunately, however, there are many terrible vendors blended with the good. Also, various hair suppliers can be found there, making it hard to figure out which vendor is the best for you. Therefore, having a research strategy is vital. AliExpress isn't just your only choice. Do several searches on Google, bookmark your picks, and read comments about them

Pay close attention to the validity of the vendor's website information. They have spent more time mastering their industry knowledge if they seem very competent. It demonstrates that they are taking their hair business seriously. The most beautiful virgin hair bundles wholesale comes from vendors who understand what they're speaking about, not just websites with images of models and little else.

Using targeted search criteria is one recommendation for sorting out bad-quality vendors. Looking for something particular to the industry, This will reduce the findings to a range of qualified vendors who understand the specifications of the sector. Then, your task is to get in touch with each vendor and ask questions. For example, do they produce it on their own? It's caution if they say something too good to be true.

2. Get To Know The Selected Vendors

You should trust your vendor, and when you make an order, you should feel assured. Keep warm contacts via email or mobile. If you are dealing with a company on the other side of the world, the latter may not always be possible. However, if they communicate in English and are ready to chat over the mobile, it is an excellent choice for using video call on Skype.

You can read a lot from how timely, personable, and enthusiastic about collaborating with a new company just after via a few messages with the vendors. There are unique needs to consider in your business. It would help if you also had a sense of lead time when emailing some of the vendors in your shortlist.

Trust your intestines. If you see any potential problems like non-responsive vendors, sloppy websites, or sellers promising more than it seems feasible, you might have to pass on to someone else even if the prices are high. It can save you much difficulty. You will avoid the headache of missed orders or not getting your chosen products.

Choosing the lowest cost vendor, well, don't take a gamble. It would be best if you focused on obtaining high-quality hair, not finding the cheapest vendor. Anyone can do that, but to create your company thrives, you have to be a break above the majority.

3. Read The Fine Print Of The Company

Is there a guarantee they promise? What are their sales conditions? All these data will be presented on their website if they are reliable hair vendors. Their website should publish returns as well as shipping times. You may want to search for another seller if this data is lacking.

4. Ask For Hair Vendor Samples

Are they offering samples? It is an entirely reasonable request if you are reluctant to put a bulk order of unseen products. Ask the seller to send you straight and wavy hair samples. Sew the hair on yourself or a colleague, interact with them, dye them, lighten them, dry them, warm them. Be aware of how well it is holding up.

Samples are an excellent way of gaining a feeling of quality. If you're happy with the example, place a small order to make sure the sample pieces aren't a bait and switch (just enough to satisfy the seller's minimum). If the performance is the same as the sample, the next time when you have a big order, it will make you feel more comfortable.

5. Choose The Suitable Payment Channels

To help small hair business managers make payments, PayPal is here! By protecting your credit card information, PayPal offers better security. If the hair is not the same as stated, they also have a dispute resolution procedure. More and more regions embrace and are closer to the trend of PayPal. These days, many Chinese vendors are accepting PayPal. There are also Western Union and MoneyGram, but PayPal is still favored.

6. Start Thinking About Your Business Plan

Would you like to be a modest retailer in the boutique style? Alternatively, maybe you are just thinking of a more significant business. If you want to be a vast hair distributor, you've got a little more wiggle drive to find vendors of virgin hair. If you intend to sell a bunch of hair, you should choose a seller who has enough products to catch up with your requirements.

Another advantage is that when putting big orders for wholesale virgin hair bundles, you have more space to negotiate prices. That said, you should still start with small minimums as a new business to ensure that the hair is of good quality. If you intend to put big wholesale orders in the future, make sure the vendor will be able to maintain up with you before proceeding. As your business grows, this will save you from starting your search from scratch.

Some sellers give both big and small company flexible choices. The final row? Choose a provider aligned with you.

Moreover, start thinking about choosing a Business Management Software to manage all aspects of your organization effectively. Currently, there are lots of technology companies, like bePOS, provides software solution such as inventory management, customer relations management, and so on.

Let's continue to the introduction of wholesale hair suppliers in the next section.

21 Best Wholesale Hair Vendors in 2019

A good "hair vendor list" should include reliable, reputable hair suppliers that will sell you wholesale hair extensions to provide your business. In this article, to support all people who want to buy best hair extensions from trusted hair vendors from thousands of seller on AliExpress.

We divide all favorite AliExpress hair vendors into three kinds of quality:

  • Most Recommended (Best)

  • Rising Stars (Good)

  • Tested Hair (OK)

AliExpress Hair Vendors List means the highest-ranking stores that have operated for several years got many many positive customer reviews, and you can easily find information about them everywhere.

Check to see if there are some excellent hair sellers you still don't know or don't bought yet from them.

A. “Most Recommended” Wholesale Hair Vendors

1. Rosabeauty

This store has opened: 8 Years.

Location: Guangdong, China.

Rosabeauty, as one of the top brand names on Aliexpress, was founded in Guangzhou in 2009. They focus on high quality 100% natural human hair products, such as hair weaving, closure, lace frontal, lace wig, etc.

Products have been sold to USA, Europe, and Africa with good reputation and feedback, more and more people are reliable on our brand name. The company's concept is "Natural is more Comfortable" with this concept Rosabeauty devotes to supply people more natural and comfortable hair products.

2. Ali Queen Hair

This store has opened: 8 Years.

Location: Guangdong, China.

Guangzhou Ali Queen Hair Products Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company that specializes in the sales and design of 100% human hair. The varieties of product line include hair weaves, lace closures, wigs, pre-colored hair, clip in extensions & tape in extensions with tens of hair textures and hundreds of product types.

Much & deeply loved by customers for the decent artistry & supreme quality. Where there are demands and needs for hair, there will be Ali Queen! Ali Queen Hair Products, creation of hair beauty! Your beauty is our glory! Be a real queen, starts Ali Queen!

3. Hot Beauty Hair

This store has opened: 8 Years.

Location: Guangdong, China.

Hot Beauty Hair Product Co.Ltd locates in Guangzhou, China. It's a foreign trade export-oriented company specializing in the processing and sales of real human hair products. The company carries out marketing and brand promotion of its products, utilizing bricks-and-mortar stores, network trading platforms, and overseas exhibitors.

4. Longqi

This store has opened: 7 Years.

Location: Xuchang city, Henan, China.

Longqi, since 1993, a time-honored reliable human hair brand, has been a professional in human hair for 25 years. During these 25 years, we have continuously researched and tested new products and striven to supply more satisfying products to our customers. With Longqi hair, girls have got confidence and renewed their brilliance. They shaped themselves in many ways.

Time witnessed the glory and honor of Longqi. As time past, the company still stand in front of the industry and grows into the leader. Nowadays, Longqi has already become the best reliable choice of all beautiful ladies. Longqi, demonstrate your extraordinary beauty in daily life.


This store has opened: 7 Years.

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

The word "Yvonne" is originated from French, meaning "Nature." As the leading brand for Guangzhou Hongye, "Yvonne" has been widely trusted and favored. The design conveys Nature Quality of "Yvonne" hair products. It is based on the brand name, adjusted slightly to be more dedicated and graceful, fits better with fashion feature of the women industry-hair.

6. UNice

This store has opened: 5 Years.

Location: Xuchang city, Henan, China.

UNice, combines with U&Nice, focus on you and natural beauty. In the choice of the brand concept, follow the trend of pursuing natural beauty and get closer to U. UNice represents the unique charm, The personal charm distributed from the inside out.CEO Mr. Seven describes UNice brand this way, "It 's not about what we are selling, It' s the brand spirit that we want to deliver to our customers." UNice upholds this philosophy and integrates this spirit into each process. Moreover, it gives U a comfortable and authentic experience that seeks to your a final natural state. UNice, gives you the beauty of nature.

7. Alipop

This store has opened: 6 Years.

Location: Xuchang city, Henan, China.

Alipop is an international brand as the best quality hair. The company focus on the quality of the hair material and customer service and only use the 100% human hair material to make sure the hair can last a long time. They have a big factory which can prepare many kinds of hairstyle and make sure the hair quality.

Whether you're new to our website or a new customer in general, their goal is to be your first choice in high quality 100% Remy hair extensions. Alipop hair has built its reputation on selling the highest quality, gorgeous, soft Remy hair extensions, accompanied by fast, friendly, and reliable customer service.

8. Baisi Hair

This store has opened: 7 Years.

Location: Xuchang city, Henan, China.

Baisi Hair is a very famous hair company that selling hair over ten years in China., and over seven years on aliexpress, it mainly sells 100% human hair products. Baisi Hair always focus on offering the best hair quality and best service for every customer! So far, It gets over 13000 good reviews from buyers, and sells more than 1000 bundles hair per day to different countries! "Shining everywhere" is our slogan and goal; we keep doing our best to make every customer be a star, shining everywhere!

B. “Rising Stars” Wholesale Hair Vendors

9. MS Lula

This store has opened: 5 Years.

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Guangzhou Yongye Import & Export Co., Ltd. is reliable and professional in virgin Brazilian hair, natural human hair, Indian hair, silk closure, lace wigs developing and producing in China. With brand "MS Lula," the company insists on the spirit of the honest, creation and development and the principle of "good integrity is our life, high quality is the first."

As products are stylish look and elegant styling that stays current with emerging trends helps it earn growing higher and higher praise from customers around the world. They are sold well in a lot of countries and regions, such as Europe, American, Japan, Korea, etc.

10. OxeyeGirl

This store has opened: 6 Years.

Location: Xuchang city, Henan, China.

OxeyeGirl grows to be one of the most significant 100% human hair products manufacturing and selling company in China today. Strict quality control, Exquisite hand-tied skill makes OxeyeGirl more competitive, and her products have been popular at the same time.

At OxeyeGirl, products range in top quality human hair of lady’s wigs, closure, and hair extensions with various colors, lengths, textures. Producing quality products is what has kept OxeyeGirl going active in the highly competitive hair industry. Customer loyalty is the main component of the growth of our business, and the way we create loyal customers is by consistently providing quality products and excellent customer service.

11. Slovehair

This store has opened: 5 Years.

Location: Jiaozhou, Shandong, China.

SloveHair is a company who focus on developing and producing all kinds of hair products such as braid, clips in, bundles, wigs. The company has started to exploit Europe and Africa Market since 1993 and have exported over 40 countries. Now we are the top hair brand all over the world and have set up many branches in Europe and Asian countries with mature R&D, production, storage, and logistics resources.

SloveHair represents a free, independent, confident, and welcoming lifestyle. We never converge on the form; we believe that everyone has a unique style. Designers have incorporated this concept into every product, making SloveHair's design with a distinct personal style, reflecting pure woman flavor while showing individual 'character's lifestyle.

12. Modern Show Hair

This store has opened: 6 Years.

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

Modern Show Hair is offering 100% human hair extensions with high quality on reasonable prices. We are expecting more cooperation with you. We will help you start and thrive in your human hair extension business most effectively.

13. Ali Julia Virgin Hair

This store has opened: 5 Years.

Location: Xuchang city, Henan, China.

Julia hair, an original brand that focuses on designing, producing, managing, and selling human hair with the brand idea of youth, vitality, and individuality, we insist on creating high-end fashion Virgin Remy human hair products at a reasonable price.

Meanwhile, Julia advocates the lifestyle of young, fashionable, and individual, and is committed to spreading beauty to women all over the world.

14. Berrys Hair

This store has opened: 8 Years.

Location: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Brand Story Hair business started from the Qing Dynasty. People went to remote villages in Vietnam, Burma to collect young girls' hair material. With the trend of international trade, Berrys Fashion built in 2010. They know that girls were sick of cheap quality hair after years of experience. So the company only sell top quality real human hair. From selecting hair material to the packaging, each bundle is under at least three times quality test involving bleach, tangle, and burn testing.

15. MS Here

This store has opened: 6 Years.

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

MShere hair company has operated since 2008. Specializing in the production of 100% human hair Products of high quality, fashionable, not only has exported to the United States but also exported to Europe, Canada, Africa, and so on. Over the past few years of production, management, and exploration, Mshere hair company has set up its quality management system. Meanwhile, we will still be ready for the exceptional quality hair to our beauty. May all of our customers have an enjoyable purchase experience.

16. Nadula

This store has opened: 5 Years.

Location: Xuchang city, Henan, China.

Nadula came into being when the golden sun shone through the founder's hair 15 years ago, As a global human hair brand, Nadula never changes its commitment to be an ambassador of beauty bringing natural, durable and luxurious beauty to every woman all over the world. Natural, Durable, Luxurious is Nadula.

C. “Tested Hair” Wholesale Hair Vendors

17. KL Hair

This store has opened: 4 Years.

Location: Jiaozhou Qingdao, Shandong, China.

KL Hair is a very famous hair brand selling hair over ten years in China. The company is in Qingdao, China. Principal selling bundles, closure, lace frontal, lace wig, etc. We focus on high quality 100% natural human hair products, Offering best hair quality and best service for every customer!

18. BHF Hair

This store has opened: 4 Years.

Location: Xuchang city, Henan, China.

As an experienced manufacturer, our customers benefit from our reliable quality human hair extensions and grow bigger together with us for long term cooperation. We specialized in high quality 100% natural human hair extensions, located in the essential hair production city -Xuchang, China.

Our company gained approvals by accredited third-party SGS certification and by China National Hair Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. We have 100% product quality protection, and 100% on-time shipment protection, 100% payment protection for your covered amount.

19. Peerless Hair

This store has opened: 5 Years.

Location: Xuchang city, Henan, China.

Peerless Hair-is the high-end Brand Our Hair Fantasy provides its clients with top-level, authentic virgin human hair, and exceptional customer service. Our hair is unprocessed, free of harsh chemicals and coloring. To ensure that our clients receive only the best, we take pride in our rigorous quality control process that involves washing, treating, conditioning, and air-drying.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality product and service in the industry. Our goal is to associate our brand with the absolute best service, which will allow us to expand to provide all of your hair needs.

20. Fabwigs Hair

This store has opened: 8 Years.

Location: Shandong, China.

Fabwigs Hair Products Co., Ltd specializes in developing and manufacturing human hair. For over ten years. We have been helping many clients enter this field and make a fortune. As an honest company, we provide the best quality and best service with competitive prices, which gains us a well-deserved reputation in this line.

Our wigs and other hair products apply 100% human hair and high-quality synthetic hair. We have Indian Remy hair, Chinese virgin hair, Indian virgin hair, Malaysian virgin hair and Brazilian virgin hair for your choices. Both human hair hairpieces and synthetic hairpieces are high quality and give a natural looking, all of which can be ironed, colored, and dried.

21. Soul Lady

This store has opened: 4 Years.

Location: Xuchang city, Henan, China.

Soul Lady is one of the top brand names on Aliexpress. Moreover, we have our factory, which focuses on high quality 100% natural human hair products, such as hair weaving, hair extension, closure, lace frontal, lace wig, products are available to the USA, Europe, and Africa with good reputation and feedback, What's more, we have branches in the US and Africa, all the hair is from factory to customers directly.

The concept of "Quality First and Service First" to make more and more people know Soul Lady Hair Brand and become deeply held beliefs.

So that's all about how to find a hair vendor in the wholesale hair industry and the 21 best wholesale hair vendors you can cooperate in Aliexpress.

Knowing what you are buying and whom you are buying from is essential. It cannot only save you your hard earned money but can also save you from embarrassment. Now the question is:

Are you ready to start a hair company?

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