How To Find The Most Sassy Hair Salon Names

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You are strongly passionate about opening your own hair salon. Everything has to be done, you now own a perfect hair salon business plan, well-qualified salon staff, but there is still something got stuck…

Don’t worry!

There is a strong likelihood that your hair salon hasn’t been named properly. If you are getting into this trouble, this article is written for you!

Find it interesting? Keep reading to know How to find the sassiest name for your hair salon.

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5 Golden Rules To Check Out Your Hair Salon Names

1. Be qualified to get the domain name

In the 21st century, choosing a domain name is as vital as choosing a company name. The right domain does not only help build your hair brand but also attracts visitors to your online site.

The good domain name must have a lot of factors such as easy to type, short, keywords included, right target, numbers, and hyphens excluded and memorable.

2. Avoid similar name to your competitors

Properly, no managers want their salons to get mistaken with other local ones. Let get started by using a very specific & descriptive name. After that, search for your preferred business name in the media to see if anyone is using a similar name because one general rule of trade is ‘First in use, first in right,’ so you will want a legal & unique name.

3. Attract the right customer

If you want to build a solid hair salon business, you need to identify who are your target customers in the first place. Then, brainstorm a sassy name that fits your customers the most. For example, your hair salon is for youngsters, a refreshing & creative name will attract them the most. On the other hands, the older people would prefer some luxurious names such as Golden hair salon, Lavender, and so on.

4. Concentrate on mispronounced & spelling errors.

Don’t even think about the slightest chance of having errors in your hair salon name since the name is the face & first impression of your hair salon business. No one will enter a salon if the salon owners make the simplest mistake such as mispronounced & spelling errors.

5. Don't make the name obscure & abstract.

You will not want your customers to be confused about your hair salon just because of an obscure & abstract name. Make sure the name is creative but still fits your interest & customers’ taste. This is not easy work and that is why you should keep scrolling down to see our suggestions!

10 Clever Suggestions To Make A Catchy Hair Salon Names

1. Think about your audience

It means nothing if your hair salon can only attract yourself. Pay attention to your customer’s taste, listen to them and create the most hair salon suitable name that fits both your interest and their taste is the key to success.

Are you intending to become a hip salon all the youngsters will talk about, or you will develop your salon into one kind that all the sweet, little, old ladies go to for their monthly perms? Or perhaps your ambition lies in something right in between. Whatever the case, keep your audience in mind when choosing your name.

2. Take good use of the hair-related verb

What will you do to your hair? When asking yourself such questions, a few words may come into your mind such as color, dye, cut, trim, style, blow-dry, perm, curl and so on.

Actually, this way can help you a lot in a congested situation short of ideas. Using an equivalent verb in your hair salon name will emphasize what you do more.

3. Don't forget to use rhymes in your hair brand names

We all admit that rhymes are very catchy. So, why not take advantage of rhymes to make your hair salon names much more attractive?

Another benefit of using one for your hair salon is that it can help a customer or passerby remember the name of your business. Who knows if a passerby can be your future customers?

4. Use common sense is a good idea

Common sense will be a long-term strategy when naming a business. Every hair salon managers want their business to stand in the crowd of outside competitors and the name helps to define a salon brand the most, so let’s make your brand name as much reliable & practical as possible.   

5. Bring your hair salon specialty into your name

Let the world know about your strong point by including a reference to your specialty in your business name! Your hair salon may serve a lot of services but one of them will be your specialty. One smart way is to name your hair salon after the best-selling products for more attraction.

6. Your own name can be an interesting choice

Undoubtedly, here is your own business and you desire to introduce it for the whole world. Don’t be hesitate, this would be a wonderful opportunity for you to leave your own trademark in your salon by using your own name for your salon!

If you are lucky enough, your own name may help your salon business prosper. Just try and see the result!

7. Throw a naming party to get new ideas

If the hair salon name gets stuck in your head for too long making you feel extremely depressed,  just invite some friends & family to gather for food and some refreshment, maybe during the relaxing time, potential names for your hair salon will be brainstormed.  People’s mind is full of ideas so it is always beneficial to salon managers to get their opinion.

8. Make a survey among online channels

Hair salon marketing plays a key role in the overall management. Create a survey on some professional website such, post a question to Yahoo! Answers, or use social media & networking to create a public poll to help you to find which name will appeal the most to the general public. As you will get free market research that may be useable in many occasions.

9. Focus on designing a visual logo

Sometimes, you may find a name really time-consuming and difficult. Actually, you don’t need to focus on the name too much. If you are a visual lover and a design idea in mind, try to draw hair salon logo ideas on paper with potential names to see what will look the best. Make your hair salon decor & logo awesome as much as possible.

10. If you still get stuck, just flip a coin!

Still can’t work on an appropriate name? No problem. Prepare a snack, and read some hair magazines for more inspiration because relaxation is key. Sleep on it if necessary, it might even come to you in your dreams!

If you had tried all those things in vain, flip a coin on the two most concerning ideas. That tricks seem awkward at first, but it is proven to be really effective.

Tips To Make Your Hair Salon Names Memorized

After using those above rules to create an appropriate hair salon name, many people still wonder about how the name will be defined in the future market.

Actually,  a proper name is not enough for a business to be memorable, a name should be supported by excellent service and quality. Nowadays, people tend to use POS system for hair salon management because of the high value optimization as well as the time & cost savings this software brings.

bePOS is a 4.0 Point of sale system which is integrated the most advanced features such as cloud-based, online booking & scheduling, inventory management,... that has been trusted by hundreds of hair salons over 10+ nations which salon managers should seriously take into consideration to strengthen the brand value.

Click HERE for a free trial today!

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